About Us

ISOTEC Solar Mounting Systems serves its customers with state-of-the-art engineering and product supply. Our team of engineers has over 10 years of experience and references at GigaWatt levels in the design and implementation of Solar Mounting Systems in Europe and the Middle East, with expertise in optimum product development.

ISOTEC is closely related to Quality standards (ISO) and technical and technological developments (TEC). We accept quality and continuous technology development as basic principles. We aim to ensure that the products we design are economical as well as easy to apply and have high strength features.

We have developed a special ERP system in order to provide fast and quality service to our customers, and thus we can provide instant information flow to our customers. Additionally, we actively participate in the digitalization process with the Online Calculation Module and various online modules.

Our company, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, always fulfills its promises and adopts the principle of "take on as much work as you can, deliver the work you receive before its due date" as its working principle.

Our company, which meets consumer expectations at the highest level with its wide product range by providing the right Quality / Price ratio, is on its way to becoming the most admired and preferred brand in the solar energy land and roof sector with its quality and innovative products.

Our Istanbul-based company is honored to serve all your domestic and international projects.


CEO / CTO & Founder


CFO & Founder

While developing our products, we aimed to bring perfection to your GES investments by considering the finest details.

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