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©ISOBEAM X solar mounting system used as a full-length rail 3, 4 and 5 rib trapezoidal and sandwich coated It is applied on roofs to be mounted on purlins or beams.

Used in horizontal or vertical placement ©ISOBEAM X mounting system is manufactured from durable aluminum 6063 T66 alloy. consists of two rails. Rin the direction of the first of the months ©BUP  and from the top of the roof covering with the stud is implemented. The second rail is used as a purlin opposite to the pitch direction and the relevant clearance is calculated and specified by us for each region. The other rail applied on the mounting rails applied in the vertical direction is ©XLAX to be fixed with the apparatus.

©BUP from the inside of the apparatus Possibility to adjust 5cm and machine bite can enter any area. has been designed in such a way that With the stud + ©BUP + mounting rail, the solar power plant that you will apply can be lifted up to 20 cm from the roof covering. In this way, much better air circulation and production increases of up to %5 in power plant production performance can be created.

Four different heights In addition to being an economical solution with its option, it is long-lasting and covered by a 12-year ISOTEC warranty.

©ISOBEAM mounting system is designed and manufactured based on the snow, wind and earthquake loads specified in EUROCODE standards.

Supplied pre-assembled and can be attached to the mounting rails from the top ©EasyClamp V.1.3 middle clamp  ©EasyClamp V.1.3 edge clamp setleri tüm sistemlerimiz ile uyumlu olmakla birlikte güneş panel montaj sürecinde %25’e kadar hızlı kurulum avantajı sağlamaktadır. 

It brings an additional load of 2.5 – 3.5 kg to 1 square meter roof area and is among our lightest mounting systems.

Technical Data
Usage area: Trapezoid roof, sandwich roofs
Compatible solar panel sizes:

L: 1550- 2450mm / W: 950 – 1200mm / H: 35 – 45mm

Fixing to roof purlins:  Concrete, Steel or Wood stud 
Raw materials used:
  • Rails: AL 6063-T66 / Clamps: AL 6005-T6
    Gaskets : EPDM Rubber / Fasteners : Stainless A2-70 & Bimetal
Technical description:

It can be applied in any vertical or horizontal direction. Ripples, depressions, etc. in the roof covering. If available, you can set up your switchboard straight with this system.

Length options:  1050 – 6050mm
Height options:  30 – 45 – 60 – 85mm

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